a 22-card thesis exploring utopic process, spellwork, queer failure, power, vulnerability, ancestry-as-citation, invocations, conversation-as-theory... i invite you to intuitively journey through meaning with me!


on being a writer, educator, facilitator, theatre-witch:

“A ghost is a person from, say, time immemorial… They are not characters. To call them so could be an injustice. They are figures, figments, ghosts, roles, lovers maybe, shadows, slips, players maybe, maybe someone else’s pulse.” – Suzan-Lori Parks

“We must strive, in the face of the here and now that’s totalizing rendering of reality, to think and feel a then and there.” – Jose Esteban Muñoz

I honor the ghosts and strive for utopia. I strive to hold theatre sacred (not serious; laughter is a healing medicine and inside jokes are absolutely my favorite part of a collaborative process). Sacred simply means that everyone -- actors, audiences, mother earth, ghosts -- is inherently valid. Sacred theatre means that process takes precedent over product; if we embody characteristics of a future that is joyful, queer, and healing for all, we build utopia. Basically, I strive to create art that puts more good into the world than bad.


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