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coven ritual: journey to Coven Space

Aesthetic Witch Parker Traphagan created this ritual as a warmup towards the end of fall Coven process. We return to this ritual regularly, including for our new moon first rehearsal this spring. Parker invites us all to find a comfortable seated position, close our eyes, and breathe: they proceed to lead us on a journey to Coven Space:

Is it a meadow or a forest? Is it a cottage with a roaring fireplace? With herbs hanging from the ceiling and crystals on the windowsill? Is the sun out? Maybe the moon? allow yourself to let go of stress about the future or past mistakes. Can you see your fellow members interacting in this space or are you alone? Interact with this space. Interact with your fellow witches. Breathe the same air, safely and comfortably. You have helped to create this sacred space that has helped every single one of us in some way or another. This space isn't going away after coven is over. You can always come back to how it has healed you brushed away your tear and how it makes you feel safe. It lives on in all of us. Hold this space close.

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