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coven ritual: opening needs

When rehearsal officially begins, all Coven witches are invited to turn their cameras off and turn their microphones on. A witch opens the ritual by prompting everyone to breathe, stretch, and shake away the stressors of the before-rehearsal day. When someone is called, they speak aloud a need. The Coven responds by speaking the witch’s name (active listening skills required) and speaking their need as a spell: by speaking their desire in present-tense, The Witch calls it into existence. The ritual continues, each of us speaking our needs as we are called to do so. When needs have been met, we take whatever final breaths or stretches are necessary, turn our cameras on, and begin rehearsal in sacred space.

Parker: I need time.

The Coven: Parker has time… Parker has enough time… Parker has time…

Jemma: I need to get over this cough.

The Coven: Jemma is getting over her cough… Jemma is healthy… Jemma is


Nicole: I need fun.

The Coven: Nicole has fun… Nicole is fun… Nicole has fun…

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